Car buying has never been an easy process. It’s not only time consuming but also gives a lot of stress. However, there are a few tips and tricks to ease the stress and make the journey a little easier. There’s no denying that it’s always easier to buy a new car instead of a second hand car. The information for new cars is readily available and each year, models have more or less, the same to offer.  For a used car, there are many factors that one must consider. It’s hard to predict the use of the previous owners and how much wear and tear the car had to face because of them. A used car doesn’t even have a sticker that states the price of each part. Usually, there are a lot of help articles for used car buying, however most will focus on just the obvious : getting a test drive on the car, analyzing the problems and of course the good parts, if any, and then negotiating the price. Once you’ve decided that a used car is the option for uou, it’s time to narrow your research to the type of car, the price, the make, the model etc. There are so many options that often its more difficult to choose from than a new car. The easiest way to search a second hand car for a clueless person is to search for top ten used cars. 
The list will be concise and in most cases very helping because it will tell in detail the models that are popular, with least problems and the cost estimates. A good value car is identifiable by people already in the market and top ten lists will help you analyze and make an ideal sale. The list, if used correctly, will eventually lead you to your ready to use, almost new, second hand used car.