Top 10: Used Family Cars for £15,000

Finding the right car is only easier when you have access to the different car qualities that can offer exactly what you need. Not only that, the price can dash one’s credibility of even pricing it. That’s why some people would prefer getting a used car to solve specific needs like family cars. There are no worries if the value depreciates in the market, provided it’s serving effectively while remaining affordable. No doubt space is a paramount feature of any car vying to serve as a family car. Top 10 family cars one can buy for £15,000 have been researched and presented in this article to erase the stress of going to find them.

10Peugeot 308

This Peugeot model introduced in 2007 took a new look from inside-out when compared with the previous models. The hatchback comes with five doors which is exactly what every family needs. Looking for a way in does not apply to this classy car with two different awards. The style outsmarts the previous models which are designed from the pages of ancient Peugeot. This family car offers a credible balance while giving the family an extra space. The steering has been recommended by many, though it’s important to try it before concluding a purchase deal.

Fifteen hundred pounds should hand someone either the petrol or diesel engine of the 1.6-litre model. Most dealers would definitely offer money back guarantee.

9Audi A3 Sportback

Most buyers of Audi A3 Sportsback must have been lured by the blazing look of this hatchback car. It offers an impressive quality in its consumption of fuel while delivering good performance, making it one of the top vehicles with good economy and environment friendly discharging about 36g of CO2 every one kilometer. This cuts down or eliminates road tax in some locations like London. More interesting look of the car model is how it inherited the recent BMW nose. The cabin is well built and the space is just enough for a family to enjoy. With £15,000, one can buy a reasonable class with less than twenty thousand on the speed meter.

8Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is simply a rocky drive train. The 2.4-liter comes with a superior 185 horsepower, delivering sufficient power while returning fuel economy of 27mpg. The interior design is of quality finishing with good space for the whole family. Choosing either the petrol or diesel engine would subject one to coughing out fifteen hundred pounds with full warrantee and should not be more than two years old.

7Toyota Auris

It’s no doubt Toyota company are always out to offer the best in any brand of car designed to suit a stance. Their Auris is not to be doubted by anyone if it’s suitable for the family. Yes, there’s plenty of space and the interior materials are properly packed. Acquiring the model for 2012/2013 with a few miles on the mileage (not more than twenty thousand) would cost at about fifteen thousand pounds.

6Kia Cee’d

The Kia Cee’d is outsmart its counterparts when it comes to balance. The cabin is completely a modern design, well fixed with good space. Some would refer to this Kia model as the family rouged companion. But that doesn’t mean the looks are completely not in contest. It’s a modern car with serious warranty. Seven good years of cruise while still covered. It’s a smart car with great quality.

5Ford Focus

This car is completely focused on attenuating every difficulty one would meet using cars that are not designed for the family. Ford Focus 1.0-liter or 1.6-liter are both classic cars for a family to enjoy. It offers quality comfort because of its space and stupendous interior finishing. It’s a recommendable hatchback car everyone would love to check on while considering a family car.

4Volkswagen Jetta

This is one of the best Golf models for a trip that demands the need for a boot. There’s one with plenty space in Volkswagen Jetta. Checking on the car has left many with purchasing it even without getting to know all they can enjoy using this as a family car. The 2.0-litre TDI model would serve perfectly well while one is enjoying the good price. Check on Volkswagen dealers for 2013 and give your family a good lift.

3Renault Megane

Everyone keeps recommending Megane by Renault due to the quality of material used in the design. It’s obvious durability is a bonus to gadgets used by many. The design is said to outwit it’s counterparts like the Volkswagen Golf or Focus by Ford. Another interesting factor is the number of kits the car comes with. Get the 1.5-liter DCi from any dealer to enjoy what Renault truly has to offer your family.

2Skoda Superb

This comes with the biggest space you can imagine if your sole interest is space. Some call it the unbeatable in space because every luggage is sure to be in while you still have enough for yourself. The 2.0-liter TDI diesel is an excellent buy.

1Volvo V40

The Volvo V40 offers every kit you need to roll with your family. The interior design is of course classy. It’s spacious but not as big as the Skoda enormous legroom. Another interesting feature is how economical V40 is. Both the diesel and petrol units are cost effective. V40 is definitely what to look for if you are convinced with neither Ford nor Focus. Getting the 1.6-litre brand from Volvo dealers would be a great buy for the family’s comfort.