Top Used Hybrid Cars

102010 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

The 2010 Toyota Highlander Hybrid is been high ranked since of the excellent fuel economy, very much smooth ride along with the spacious interior. It is not like one among the sportier 2010 midsize SUVs; however, the Highlander Hybrid is the real-world pick if you are in the market for a used hybrid SUV.  

This standard Toyota Highlander Hybrid Base aspects V6 3.3L V-6 209HP engine holding 2 speed CVT transmission system by overdrive, features 4 wheel ABS otherwise anti-lock brake system, ABS traction control and Driveline and 17-inch aluminium wheels.

The extra lavish features are the airbag occupancy sensor, side seat mounted airbags, air conditioning, driver knee airbag, cruise control together with the all-wheel drive system.

At the time when it was launched, the reviewers applauded the 2010 Highlander Hybrid for the voluminous interior that affords standard seating for five in additional to an optional third row which brings seating capacity to almost seven.

By 94.1 cubic feet, this Highlander Hybrid’s cargo space is a little smaller than that of gas-only Highlander’s, yet is still worthy of the class. Base models comprise standard aspects such as a six-speaker stereo with the auxiliary input, the tilt-amendable steering wheel as well as push-button start. The Limited models complement aspects such as navigation, leather, power lift gate and a heated front seat.

92006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Actually, there are a lot of preconceptions with regards to these hybrids, utmost of that are entirely ignorant. This is a fresh gas-electric hybrid classic model which has been blended with the Toyota Highlander line for year2006. This 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid makes use of the Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive.

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid V6 holds the 3.3 L V-6 208HP engines providing a 2 speed CVT transmission system through overdrive, anti-lock brake otherwise the 4 wheel ABS, ABS traction control and Driveline, then 17-inch alloy wheels that are very much similar to the Hybrid ones.

The look of the Toyota Highlander is very much smart and trim, tumbling somewhere among the edgy great style of the RAV4 in addition to the muscular tenacity of the 4Runner. There is a slender family similarity among the Highlander as well as the Lexus RX 330, even though the Highlander appears further dressed down, pretty like wearing faded jeans along with the favourite windbreaker rather than dry-clean-only lunch-with-the-ladies attire.

The further extravagant features that are afforded are air conditioning, side seat mounted airbags, cruise control, curtain overhead airbags, airbag occupancy sensor as well as stability control system.

Highlander comes out by the reclining bucket seats at the front. The seats are lean and flat, yet they are supportive at the same time comfortable and alter to suit several-size drivers.

Their greater ride height offers a powerful outlook of the road. The Highlander’s sloping hood of the styles the forward view still more encircling. The front seats are designed in such a way that it reduces the chances of whiplash.

82012 Toyota Camry Hybrid

The Toyota Camry holds equal dimensions as well as same styling as its forerunner, on the other hand, it is lighter and more fuel effectual. Contestants to the widespread family sedan comprise such as the Nissan Altima, Honda Accord, and the Ford Fusion.

This standard Toyota Camry Hybrid LE aspects 2.5L I-4 156HP engine holding the 2 speed CVT transmission method by overdrive, anti-lock brake system otherwise the 4 wheel ABS, 16-inch steel wheels and Driveline and ABS traction control as it was in 2006 and 2010 Toyota Hybrid ones.

The Camry’s height, width and length persist the same as that of before. Standard variances take account of boomerang-shaped taillights and larger bumper inlets, in addition to the sport-tuned Camry SE’s ultimate bodywork that comprises racier bumpers as well as the new grille. The Four-cylinder cars will hold a single tailpipe at back, whereas the V-6 models have two.

The deluxe features that are offered in this 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid airbag occupancy sensor, cruise control, side seat mounted airbags, passenger and driver knee airbag, curtain overhead airbags, rear side airbag electronic stability and automatic air conditioning.

The principle variances lay inside, where the Camry drops its wraparound dash for then layered fashion. Stitched faux leather covers the upper dashboard, though the centre control panel is seated elevated to look as if it is hovering. The whole trim levels make sure a 60/40-split folding rear seat, but last year’s Camry SE and XLE omitted this aspect.

72008 Honda Civic Hybrid

The car professionals studied an extensive range of road tests with regard to the 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid to accumulate this convincing review.’s local green-car fanatics moreover drove the new Civic Hybrid to support you choose that reviews to faith where opinions fluctuate, to enhance utmost impressions and details, and to deliver you through the greatest information.

AS like other the features include a 1.3L I-4 93HP engine having to hold 2 speed CVT transmission system with overdrive, 15-inch alloy wheels, anti-lock brake otherwise 4 wheel ABS method.

The additional aspect included in this model are the power mirrors, side seat mounted airbags, curtain overhead airbags, airbag occupancy sensor, cruise control and power windows.

During 2006, the Honda designers absolutely revised the Honda Civic and presented the much more radical as well as futuristic vehicle. The 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid bonds much of that radical designing, through merely a certain negligible variations which set it separately from the remaining of the 2008 Honda Civic lineup.

This 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid model affords the excellent fuel facts in the expense of acceleration, yet control and handling remain a virtue. The navigation method by this 2008 Honda is healthy received at reviews read by many such top Hybrid style cars.

62011 Honda CR-Z

This 2011 CR-Z is the third of Honda Hybrid, linking the compact civic Hybrid and the Insight, mutually of which seat five. In spite of having merely two seats, this small CR-Z has a lesser gas mileage of the three. The first-generation Perception that was sold during the year 2000-06, was the two-seat runabout, yet the CR-Z is planned to be sportier, equally in look as well as the driving experience.

Here this Honda CR-Z Base aspect 1.5L I-4 113HP engine holding the 6-speed manual transmission method by overdrive, 16-inch aluminium wheels, anti-lock brake system otherwise 4 wheel ABS and Driveline and ABS traction control.

The CR-Z is practically real towards the concept car of the similar name which hit the auto show circuit in the year of 2007, however with fewer dramatic curves.

When you take the high-end features that are built in are the curtain overhead airbags, side seat mounted airbags, airbag occupancy sensor, VSA electronic stability, cruise control and the automatic air conditioning.

The interior holds the busy yet active design typically to which of the Insight, by cockpit-style driver-oriented controls as well as displays. Although the ventilation controls are at the pod nearby the driver; there is no conservative control panel by the centre of the dashboard, that sets the optional navigation structure right of centre. The cloth seats are said to be spacious, in addition to the steering wheel together tilts also telescopes.

52013 Ford C-Max Hybrid

The 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid symbolizes the ever first straight-up opponent for the legendary Toyota Prius hybrid, at the same time it is homemade and assembled together at Michigan This first-ever dedicated hybrid from Ford, giving a meaning that there is nil gasoline-only version of the C-Max that is been sold at the state of U.S. When talking about the internal capacity and exterior size, this is tall, cute five-door hatchback elegantly splits the variance among the standard Prius Liftback as well as the new-for-2012 Prius V wagon.

Coming to the Ford C-Max Hybrid SE aspects the .0L I-4 141HP engine holding the 2 speed CVT transmission method by overdrive, 17-inch aluminium wheels, anti-lock brake system or 4 wheel ABS, and then perfect Driveline and ABS traction control.

When speaking about the extra additional features it holds the curtain overhead airbags, driver knee airbag, curtain overhead airbags, airbag occupancy sensor advanced electronic stability system and cruise control. 

The C-Max Hybrid conveys upper along with the lower grille openings. The lower grille holds the six stacked bars that are combined with the trapezoidal shape, offers it a typical appearance to the grilles by Aston Martin’s supercars.

Since the C-Max Hybrid provides the standard electronic stability system and the antilock brakes that play the great roles when we think about the safety. The additional safety features comprise of Ford’s programmable MyKey system and the Sync 911 that combines through your cell phone so as to automatically dial 911 while at the occurrence of a crash when at times the airbag deploys.

42011 Toyota Camry Hybrid

The 2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid is not only the best famous midsize car in America, but it is also been the bestselling passenger car in this country almost for the last eight years and 12 of the last 13. It actually does all the things where well at the same time it is well celebrated for the

The features that are available in Toyota Camry Hybrid Base the 2.4 L I-4 147HP engines holding 2 speed CVT transmission method by overdrive, the other aspects are similar to that of the other Toyota Hybrid like the anti-lock brake system or the 4 wheel ABS, 16 inch steel wheels, ABS traction control as well as Driveline.

The high-end features included in this Hybrid are the automatic air conditioning, airbag occupancy sensor, driver knee airbag, side seat mounted airbags, curtain overhead airbags, in addition, the electronic stability.

32012 Toyota Prius

The 2012 Toyota Prius is the extremely effectual car that too at a relatively low price and this for those who care a lot about conservation rather the act of driving. Given its victory, the formula appears to have worked just fine.

Routinely, this Prius is unchanged for 2012, although there have existed some cosmetic tweaks to the front bumper, headlights and rear light.

Coming to the Toyota Prius Two features it offers 1.8 L I-4 98 HP engine having 2 speed CVT transmission methods by overdrive, anti-lock brake system or else 4 wheel ABS, ABS traction control and Driveline, 15-inch aluminium wheels.

The additional aspects include electronic stability, driver knee airbag, curtain overhead airbags, side seat mounted airbags, airbag occupancy sensor, cruise control and the automatic air conditioning.

The reason that Toyota has vended more than that of a million Prius hybrids at U.S. in the previous decade is nil accident. Which they till now makeup almost half of all hybrids retailed — by way of some couple dozen models — is similarly not the concurrence. This most documented and identifiable hybrid’s triumph stems from a mishmash of ultra-high mileage and a sensible value.

22010 Toyota Prius

The excellent body means that much more contented environs for the 2010 Prius’ five passengers. You can find less front knee room, side to side, cheers to the innovative centre comfort, however, the driver seat is quite a height adjustable in this model. Backseaters will get the knee room on the left behindhand through lighter front seatbacks as well as better headroom from that rejiggered roofline.

The cargo area expands even more, with redesigned battery housing and 2.2 inches of the extra room creating a few more cubic feet of storage. In general, the Prius’ plastics are upgraded and greened up, too—Toyota says they’re all carbon-neutral now—and they do look and feel better than in the second-generation car. Fit and finish on pre-production cars is good.

The Toyota Prius II aspect 1.8L I-4 98HP engine holding the 2 speed CVT transmission method by overdrive, 15-inch aluminium wheels, and Driveline and ABS traction control.

The extra lavish features are the automatic air conditioning, electronic stability amenities, driver knee airbag, side seat mounted airbags, curtain overhead airbags, airbag occupancy sensor and cruise control.

By way of top fuel economy rankings and modest interior as well as cargo space, reviewers approved where it was hard to beat this 2010 Toyota Prius while it was new. The polarising styling might deter certain shoppers; however, the aerodynamic design enhances fuel economy.

There is also a remote air conditioner that is been available, together with the navigation method, Bluetooth, LED headlamps, and backup camera in addition.

12011 Toyota Prius

Toyota will call this Prius at an “Eco-Icon,” and the most recent generation must have sufficiently of obtainable gadgets for technological as well as environmental die-hards. Between them are presented the solar-panel moon roof which powers lesser air conditioning at hot parking lots, the LED headlights which usage less energy rather the conservative halogen lamps, in addition to the self-parking method from Lexus’ flagship LS sedan.

The Prius races with the Honda’s 41-mpg Insight; there possibly will be an unintended competitor at Volkswagen’s 34-mpg Jetta TDI.

The basic features of this Toyota Prius Two take account of the usual 1.8L I-4 98HP engine holding the 2 speed CVT transmission method with overdrive, anti-lock brake system or else the 4 wheel ABS, 15-inch aluminium wheels, and the Driveline and ABS traction control.

Furthermore, the additional high-end features like driver knee airbag, curtain overhead airbags, and side seat-mounted airbags, cruise control, and electronic stability, in addition to the automatic air conditioning.

The whole designing, predominantly from the rear, appears alike to that of the preceding Prius, comprehensive with the bar which splitting the hatchback window widthwise.

The dash holds instruments which are great on the top of the centre portion, two glove sections and the nub like the shifter. The shifter itself will sit nearby to the knee level. The matte style finish is been applied to the dash then doors, in addition to the steering wheel increases a telescoping alteration.

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